Friday, 30 August 2013

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In my youth, I spent time in the bush engaging in pursuits including camping, hunting& fishing, farming and played fighting sports. In the 1980s, while studying, heard about how K O’Dea (now Professor O’Dea) an Australian researcher had followed a group of sick westernised Aborigines going on walkabout (ie traditional lifestyle) for several weeks and watched them become fit and healthy....

It was obvious (to me anyway) that Professor O'Dea's research was spot on. It fitted in with my own life experience, work in biological sciences and wider readings. I experimented and was paleo - primal by the late 1990s (no one called it Paleo then - I used to say I was on a natural food diet). There were no books or web sites like now. Then Loren Cordain (whom I have never met) published his first book - I heard about it and got a copy straight away. Art De Vany’s first website appeared. Marks Daily Apple appeared (Mark Sisson's site). Nowadays there are many web sites and books on paleo\ primal\ caveman lifestyle. People trying to "go paleo" have access to huge amounts of information. Some of this material is excellent. Some of it is at best confusing and at worst inaccurate.

I write this Blog as a longer term paleo practitioner. I ask that you, the reader, use the information here after considering the following:

1. These are my personal views and may not necessarily represent those of past, present (or future) employers; or anyone else for that matter.

2. This blog is about non-occupational hygiene& health, and related topics. It does not cover workplace health & safety which is not discussed here.

3. You are responsible for your own health - you have a vested interest in the outcome.

4. This blog is information and not customised advice. My background is in health, hygiene and ergonomics - I am not a medical practitioner.

5. When trying new things procede cautiously so you reap the rewards and avoid pitfalls. To much, to soon can cause just as much damage as to little, to late.

6. There are natural laws: the dose (amount) determines the response and whether it is beneficial or harmful. The right nutrients, in the right amounts, will build up your body. The wrong nutrients\amounts will break it down. Inadequate physical activity will result in disease. To much physical activity, or the wrong type, will result in injury |(which can become disease).

7.There are a range of optimal dosages that lead to an optimal response... That doesn't mean keeping everything constant and unvarying: there is also a range of variation (amount; timing) that creates the optimal beneficial response. If you provide the right stimuli your body has no choice but to respond positively in the context of your current health status.

8. Links to external sites aren't written by me. I don't control the content or quality of such sites.

Oh, everyone says you have to have a disclaimer so:
If your life style consists of sedentary living, obesity, eating a junk diet food, avoiding nature and sunlight, insomnia and continual (dis) stress you expose yourself (and significant others) to a range of injuries and illnesses.
So, having said all that lets get on with discussing what's important.






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