Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Why space age paleo ?

Why space age paleo? Why not.

 The real reason is that 10 years (?) ago I was struck by Art de Vany's quote that we are spacemen living in stone age bodies. What Art, whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting, was getting at is that our way of life and environment (diet being but one aspect ) has changed greatly since the stone age but our bodies have not. Our genes optimal functioning has been designed by evolution around a hunter gatherer lifestyle where we

- walked searching food for  ~8-16kilometres/day,
- we killed\dig up, carried food back to camp,
- we had to bend, squate, twist, push, pull, lift, carry etc as needed in such an environment.

The food was fruit, vegetables, fish and meat - all unprocessed, although, for a few hundred thousand years some of it was cooked on a fire.

Day was lit.

Night was dark except for stars and firelight.

Drink meant water.

Fight or flight existed from time to time.

Natural selection occurred based on the ability of our human ancestors to be "fit enough"to survive predation and starvation under these conditions.

The blog is "space age" paleo because its about how sensibly adapting paleo onto a modern lifestyle using what I've picked up along the way myself and what I have learnt from others whilst endeavouring to keep it pure paleo or explaining to the reader it is a shortcut and is not paleo.

Many other practitioners do not make this difference and it causes confusion.

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