Wednesday, 3 December 2014

[ Paleolithic = Stone Age = Cave Man = Hunter Gatherer = Garden of Eden ] Diet

You can call it:
  • Paleolithic Diet
  • Stone Age Diet
  • Cave Man Diet
  • Hunter-Gatherer Diet.
  • Garden of Eden Diet
  • any other name you like or that sounds distinctive
They are all the same diet.However, if you read around you will find they are not the same!!

Some supposed version mention beans, potatos, butter, hard cheeses etc, etc. Some say you have to eat bucket loads of meat. Others mention eating an ever varying range of foods. Then some say it has to be organic or slow food or you have to drop out and grow it all yourself.

Who is right?
Assuming that you want your diet to bear a strong resemblance to what was eaten during paleolithic times (ie before agriculture) and in a manner consistent with modern hunter gatherers then:

                                        Say NO to
NO grains and cereals including bread, noodles and pasta
(try picking and eating raw wheat)

NO dairy 
(try and milk a large wild, horned herbivore that has young suckling, if you survive you will understand. Anyway, you are a human being and not a baby herbivore trying to grow into a cow and so drinking filtered cow's blood is not the way to go.)

NO peanuts - they are legumes and are different to tree nuts
NO Beans (legumes) eg string beans, kidney beans, lentils, peanuts and peas
NO added refined sugar, no added salt, no refined vegetable oils.

                                         Say YES to
  • natural pasture fed meats (NOT grain fed), seafood, organ meats like liver, kidney etc
  • eggs
  • fruits and berries
  • vegetables (NOT potatos). 
  • tree nuts eg. walnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia, almond. NO peanuts (a bean\legume)
  • olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut oils 
If you do this you will go a long way towards fairly pure paleo eating.

What are the effects of making these changes? :
  • a big increase in nutrients
  • a significant reduction in toxins
  • a decrease in carb\sugar content so you will burn carbs AND fat
 The short list:pastured meats, organs, seafood, eggs, fruits & berries, vegetables, tree nuts.

If its not on the list you can't eat it.
You can "flavour" dishes using small amounts of herbs
and use healthful oils (see above) for cooking as well. 

How do I know this is information is right?
Read up on your archaeology and anthropology, understand how botany and technology influence the ability to utilise foods, appreciate optimal foraging theory. If you want to do some modern pseudo experimental archaeology (also called first hand experience) take up farming, fishing, hunting and growing your own fruit and vegetables as an experiment. If you are an Australian maybe you could go walkabout... or learn about it. 
Read up from reputable sources. If you do these things, I guarantee that the following foods will be on the menu:

pastured meats, organs, seafood, eggs, fruits & berries, vegetables, tree nuts.


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